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Heroes supporting Heroes

Posted on Nov 21, 2014

Finally after a year of planning, writing, and more planning, talking, and even more talking we have finally figured out how we can deliver groceries to Seniors across the state and to begin to make this movement Nationwide.  If you are like me you are tired of hearing about all the bad things about our country, and you want to see some positive things talked about.   Or if you want to help business that actually care to help in a cause.  If you are small business owner like our team is you also get tired of spending money on a expensive marketing plan sold to you from a sales person who the more they sell you in the advertising the more they make.   Well that is how the program that we finally rolled out a marketing program that is affordable and for the nationwide program there is on price for all.  I also am pleased to tell you that over 50% of the proceeds goes to the ability to make delivery charges of groceries to the seniors and veterans at $2.00 right now and that after we reach our goal eliminating the charge all together. 

When my team sat with me and we developed the strategy it was simple many sales people small businesses, independent representatives, MLM business people, organizations over the last 20 or so years have asked me to introduce me to my one of my friends or to people I could see use their service.  So here is our solution the Operation We Care For You is affordable and it also gets you on our website, facebook page, and it brings people who know you have a heart in your store, in your email box, or through ways you let them contact you. 

People ask why are we doing this?  Is this some marketing ploy?  What does the money go for? I will answer these questions and much, much more for you. 

Question:  Why are you doing this?  It is our marketing program to reach out across the country and to fight for a small but much needed program to help Seniors and Veterans who make up over 50% of our country.  It is our fight to help those who in their lives either been an influence or that has stood their to protect our liberties and freedom so we say thank you.  This helps us to raise the funds to take this service across the country.  Think about ever person you see on a cane, in a walker, spends their lives in a wheel chair.  Think of your neighbor at the local store who has had to take the bus to the store, had to hope they can find a electric cart, or if they cant hope that they can carry their food throughout and then home again spending in most situations over $5.00 in transportation prices.  Today we are making this available for only $2.00 a person.  Your help is making this possible and we are needing to move this for every senior, veteran, or disabled person through the country.  Your support goes to make this happen, and that is why we call you our Heroes.


Question:  Is this some Marketing Ploy?  It is our marketing plan yes. No it is not a ploy it is our way to bring ways to help Seniors and Veterans which is our niche market. We are not saying we don' or we wont deliver to anyone, but we know in the last year that over 90% of our business was to Seniors through out Michigan.  Our goal and plan is to take this service nationwide.  To accomplish this we believed that helping small business, independent sales people, organizations, or basically anyone that wants to get in front of people we would offer this as a way to introduce them to you and to use a set amount to help us serve better the Seniors and the Veterans.


Who can be a Hero supporting Hero participant?   Any one that has, works for, or is part of an organization that pays the $50.00 annual service fee can be part of this.  Imagine getting your face out to the entire country or you store front out for only $50.00 and to become our Hero that supports the Heroes of our country.  The savings cards are for anyone as well they only cost $5.00 so non profits can team up with us and make the other $5.00 to support their organization so everyone wins.


How do I apply or get this for my store or personal?  That is easy contacting us through email, phone, or facebook or any way you can and we can do it over that way, or you can sign up with a personal rep from our office.


Does this go to someones personal wallet?  No the majority of the money goes to our goal of free delivery for seniors and veterans.  We also are using the funds to expand our area.  We will not rest or stop trying until we are servicing the farthest part of the east Coast all the way to the West Coast of this great nation of ours.  and from the most northen part to the furthest we can go south. 








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